Frozen Meat Cutting Line

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Composition of the Processling Line

Part 1: QK140 Frozen Meat Cutter
Part 2: Conveyor Belt SSD
Part 3: Frozen Meat Dicer DRD450

The processing Line can cut 600*400*200mm Frozen Meat Blocks into 5-25mm cubes, firstly the QK140 cut the meat block into smaller blocks that are no larger than 130*130*200mm, then the SSD will convey the smaller blocks into the DRD450, the the Dicer will cutter the smaller blocks into cubes. The QK140 Frozen Meat Cutter adopts the hydraulic system to make the knife set moving upward and downward, variable speed; The Frozen Meat Dicer adopts the advanced 3D cutting, which greatly improve the cutting yield, and cutting the meat without breaking the structure of the original meat. The cutting line is designed reasonably, with the exchangeable knife, which saved the maintaining cost.

Technical Data

Type   Power   Capacity     Feed size      Cutting size       External Size      Weight
QK140  7KW  1500-2000kg/h  450*700*200mm  120/200mm      2000*760*1600mm    800kg
Type   Power   Speed      Belt Thickness   Lifting height      External Size     Weight
SSD    0.55KW  10m/mim      100mm          1380mm       1850*520*1850mm    200kg
Type   Power   Capacity      Feed Size      Cutting Size       External Size     Weight
DRD450 11KW   1000-3000kg/h   200*200*200     5-25mm      1830*1030*1510mm    750kg

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